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Overroad is developing a new mobile app and a physical handheld device that will allow drivers to communicate with one another whilst on the road, providing a safe place for drivers to support each other and develop friendships. The device will allow drivers to communicate safely without the distraction of a mobile device behind the wheel.

Nick Saville, business owner for Overroad had concept drawings of their initial smart product but wanted to explore additional support through available initiatives and local organisations who can advise on the best next steps through product development, using the latest in technology to ensure a quick turnaround.



The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) met with Overroad to closely assess their concepts and to identify how this could be delivered as effectively as possible.

The VEC suggested introducing additional functionality to the handheld device, allowing drivers to quickly switch between conversations with colleagues and personal contacts, to suit their needs.

The VEC converted the concept drawings into 3D CAD files (Computer-Aided Design), working closely with Overroad to define the product design, making quick and easy alterations within a virtual space.

Overroad also worked alongside project delivery partners, Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), who took the final product data to create a 3D printed physical prototype that would comfortably and securely fit into the hands of HGV drivers. This demonstrates the ease of communicating safely whilst driving to potential clients and stakeholders, showcasing the quality, value and convenience their new product could provide.



The support delivered from the VEC and STFC has meant that the initial product concept has now been further developed into a more defined product design, using recommended technology for a convenient and more secure line of communication for drivers.

Enhanced communication and connectivity will lead to drivers being able to safely talk to one another alongside friends and family whilst being on the road and travelling unsociable hours. Overroad feels this will hugely change the level of emotional support experienced by drivers and are now looking to present their idea and prototype to potential investors.


Download the Overroad case study here.

The support from the LCR4.0 team has been invaluable to us in such an early stage of our business. The project felt collaborative from day one, the team’s knowledge and expertise helped us rapidly develop prototypes to take to market, which wouldn’t have been possible without their input. They continue to support us in any way possible, which I can’t thank them enough for!

- Nick Seville, Managing Director for Seville Designs and Overroad