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The support we have received from the LCR4.0 teams at the Virtual Engineering Centre has been invaluable to us. We have been able to not only develop our product with confidence, but we now have a modern and clear digital tool for communicating and marketing our product.

As a start-up, resources can be limited so to have the teams dedicate their time and efforts for us has been fantastic. I have already used this video for a recent funding application, so the impact is pretty instant.

Laura Meehan, Let’s Rethink This


The VEC worked with business owner Laura Meehan to best understand the functionalities and ergonomics of the deodorant product.

The deodorant pod is created using recyclable materials, removing the use of plastics as the central deodorant element is replaceable, reducing waste by ensuring the product can be recycled and reused multiple times.

These unique selling points are something that Laura wanted to communicate to her customers and potential investors, setting it apart from existing products currently in the market.



The VEC’s digital engineers created a short animation, including a virtual 3D model of the product, which rotates on an axel to give a realistic 360-degree view whilst instructing users on the ease of removing and replacing the deodorant sphere in the centre of the deodorant pod.

The VEC also explored the possibilities for incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) technology into the animation in the future. This can enhance customer convenience, enabling pop-up instructions to appear when a customer places the animation over the physical product, offering step- by-step guidance on the replacement process.



The finished animation is ready for being integrated onto a company website for customer information and shared with future investors as a simple and effective communication tool.

Let’s Rethink This has recently used the animation and 3D printed prototype as part of a recent funding application, with the results being announced later in 2022.


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