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Approaching LCR 4.0

Hoist UK are working towards achieving BS EN 1090 accreditation, which is a manufacturing standard and can be used for the controlled manufacture of fabricated metallic products, as part of their continual business development plans for best practice standards and ongoing investment in quality.

Meeting a Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) representative at the Wirral Chamber Manufacturing Forum, Hoist UK wanted to learn more about how the fully funded support could help their business achieve their objectives via additional resources.

Partner Support

Through engaging with the academic and technical staff at LJMU, a key partner in the LCR4.0 programme, Hoist UK were given access to a dedicated resource that has enabled them to undertake research of the relevant standards, perform a gap analysis within the company and produce a recommendation and working documentation on what the next steps are for the company to complete on its way to achieve this accreditation.


Thanks to the research undertaken in collaboration with LJMU and LCR 4.0 Project, Hoist UK are now at the next phase of gaining accreditation through third-party verification.

This opportunity was perfect for us as we already had a project in mind for a dedicated resource to focus on. In the past, we had tried unsuccessfully to do the research the project required internally, but it was difficult to make progress with the competing priorities of our core roles, so having a dedicated resource has made a massive difference.

Paul Jordan, Hoist UK Director

Working to the Future

This support has helped Hoist UK get the accreditation in place so they can manufacture their products in-house rather than relying on European suppliers, which will enable them to mitigate against the impacts of Brexit and strengthen their position within the UK market and industry.