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The company’s growth rate was slowing down due to the limited capacity of the manually- operated and ad-hoc project management processes which required close engagement and monitoring by the Managing Director (MD). Carney was keen on upgrading to a more autonomous and robust process coordination system to increase its efficiency and growth potential.



To help design the system, the team worked closely with the Managing Director to identify and map the company’s processes in order to re-design the workflows.

This was conducted through a thorough situation analysis where information was collected about current processes, tools and techniques to paint a full picture of the current system.

Following this step, a gap analysis was conducted to recommend process improvements. Due to the complexity of the interrelated processes and the different use case scenarios identified (i.e. project managers, engineers, customers and suppliers) who need bespoke user journeys (different profiles), a mobile/tablet app was designed for Carney.



The designed system provided Carney with an accessible technology that supports their project management and process coordination efforts whilst being able to collect, store and analyse relevant data to measure performance such as most profitable customers and suppliers, a capability that was missing and is of significant value to the company.

The designs were well received by Carney and the company greenlit the development of the app.


For the full downloadable case study, please click here.

We were very impressed with the team’s ability to quickly understand our model and make suggestions for its digital systemisation.

They produced the layout and physical appearance of the system to help us visualise the real-world look and feel of the proposed system.

Overall, we were very impressed with the service and level of support provided to Carney UK from University of Liverpool and were pleased with the outcome.

Simon Carney, CEO for Carney UK Ltd