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Understanding the magnitude of the challenge and the requirement for specialised expertise, Bryken entered a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) collaboration with LCR4.0 Holistic. This collaboration was designed to bridge the knowledge gaps and usher in a new era of industrial innovation for Bryken.



The LCR4.0 Holistic teams initiated a series of workshops aimed at demystifying IIoT. Bryken’s teams actively engaged in hands- on exercises to grasp the nuances of data acquisition, transmission, and networking, enabling them to visualise the seamless integration of devices and sensors into their manufacturing environment.

The collaboration also supported the Bryken teams in crafting a robust strategy for data integration, seamlessly connecting local and cloud databases to ensure data security, accessibility, and scalability.

The knowledge transfer workshops empowered Bryken to harness the combined power of real-time insights and cloud-based data analytics.

Lastly, the LCR4.0 Holistic teams guided Bryken through the implementation of manufacturing data analytics solutions, as the company was able to learn of techniques to ensure data quality, control variables, and extract actionable insights, equipping them with the skills to maximise the value derived from their data.



The project is expected to empower Bryken’s employees with an improved understanding of IIoT technologies, confidently spearheading and driving IIoT initiatives within the organisation. In addition to this, a unified data ecosystem will be established, seamlessly exchanging information between local and cloud databases that will enhance their decision-making processes, backed by accurate insights and predictive analytics.

Upon project completion, Bryken is poised to achieve operational transformation, including optimising existing processes, reducing downtime, and enhancing overall operational efficiency, ultimately improving its competitiveness in the market.

The project aims to cut operating costs by 40% and increase turnover across a five- year period by £7 million, growing Bryken’s market share by 25%.

By leveraging the LCR4.0 Holistic expertise, Bryken is likely to address critical knowledge gaps and position themselves as leaders within the realm of industrial innovation.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Bryken and LCR4.0 Holistic exemplifies the potential of partnerships in addressing knowledge gaps and fostering industrial growth through strategic expertise, all backed by government innovation initiatives.

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