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TomsTech was a current student at LJMU who approached their local LCR4.0 Holistic team. The primary meetings involved a consultation to ascertain the individual requirements and opportunities for TomsTech; it was clear the company would benefit substantially from implementing a tailored technological solution, propelling them towards greater efficiency and growth.



The work with TomsTech involved accelerating IP opportunities while collaborating with the LCR Holistic network to get the client into a better position for leveraging the tools available in the region.

In this case, the most suited establishment capable of enabling the delivery was the Science Technology Facilities Council, where TomsTech became a resident, allowing the company to complete further product testing through liaison with trusted partners, accelerating innovation in a controlled environment and providing a business address to receive correspondence and arrange meetings.



Overall, the assist enabled and accelerated the company strategy to test three products for introduction into the marketplace; these tests involved various mechanical and electrical systems implemented within the products of TomsTech and have helped to elevate the product’s validity and reliability. During the manufacturing process, advice on safety procedures and future development was given and is currently being implemented.

The recent testing has enabled the company to successfully de-risk the initial testing systems through local resources as TomsTech has a promising future ahead with continued and additional testing and investment on the horizon.

TomsTech’s journey with LCR4.0 Holistic underscored the significance of proactive adaptation in the face of technological
shifts. The company emerged stronger, more competitive, and better prepared to embrace future innovations with confidence.

Click here for the downloadable case study. 

The LCR 4.0 program has enabled Tomstech LTD to progress from research and development to finished product. The team at LCR Holistic has provided the connection to STFC that has enabled Tomstech to test and validate our radiation shielding material.

LCR Holistic have provided expertise and advice on our future progress, a connection to the University of Liverpool to conduct a feasibility study on our nuclear resonant technology that will enable us to progress with future efforts upon this technology.

We would like to thank everyone at the LCR 4.0 program for all the help, advice, and expertise they have provided.