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The Spectacle Warehouse approached the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) to develop a digital strategy for the future and how they plan to achieve their goals. Spectacle Warehouse specifically wanted to explore how they could best engage with their customers remotely, ensuring that following the COVID-19 pandemic, customers felt safe and could access their professional and personable services more widely.


The VEC created a digital roadmap that would help to coordinate the digital journey of Spectacle Warehouse. Key milestones were presented for the wider team to evaluate and assess, planning management responsibilities and how they would best allocate existing resources to achieve their goals.

The VEC made recommendations for developing an app that customers can access and download onto smart devices including smartphones and
tablets. The app will use technology that enables it to remotely measure customers’ faces and identify face shapes. This will allow the app to make informed recommendations on glasses frames that will not only best suit their face but offer the most comfort.

The app will also collect this data as part of their individual customer record, making a note of measurements and choices to ensure the following appointments are even smoother and less time-consuming.



This app will allow Spectacle Warehouse to ensure their customers remain and feel safer, being able to access their innovative support, but from the comfort of their own home and at a time which best
suits them, offering greater convenience.

The new app can also ensure that Spectacle Warehouse reaches a greater number of customers with geographical location no longer being a
limitation for customers to access the service and the sought-for products, which can lead to greater growth and financial gain for the company.

Spectacle Warehouse is now investigating how they could take the data collected from the app and use this for 3D printing glasses. This could offer further convenience for customers by developing and creating frames that are specifically bespoke to the customer and ensure only necessary types and quantities of materials are used, helping the company to achieve a more sustainable process through additive manufacturing.


For the full downloadable case study, please click here.

The VEC’s Digital Industrial team offered Spectacle Warehouse invaluable support. The digital roadmap has helped us to best plan and manage our digital journey and assess where resources need to be best placed to ensure we reach our targets in realistic but hopeful timeframes.
The app which their teams have supported in the development of will really change our service for customers, ensuring they remain at the heart of our business whilst exploring how we can be more efficient and sustainable which is always something we strive for.

Roy Corke, Founder and Owner, Spectacle Warehouse