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CE Change Director Cara Halliwell engages and speaks with businesses directly, undergoing a complete business audit at the start of any project. This time-consuming process consists of multiple questions for consulting the customer about the improvements and plans they want to implement, making recommendations along the way. Speaking to multiple team members enables CE Change to build a comprehensive image of the company, helping to develop an effective route for change.

Cara was keen to learn how the considerable repository of questions could be automated to reduce the time organising the questions and follow-up answers. Currently, the team has a heavily manual process that uses software and programmes such as Excel for data analysis.


The VEC team worked closely with CE Change to learn about the current process, identifying how their systems could be automated, reducing analysis time and increasing efficiencies.

The VEC used Power Apps to create and develop two separate applications for CE Change. The first of the apps focuses on shortlisting functions, taking the online list of questions, and categorising these making it easy to favourite popular questions and better tailor the sets of questions, particularly between different departments.

The VEC also introduced an easy- to-use search bar for optimising selection and response analysis. The second application places the list of questions into a formal and professional questionnaire format which can run on an iPad or smart device and conveniently taken to the client. Here the client can select from multiple answers, a drop-down menu, a scoring system and sliding bars, making the process much more visual and interactive for the client, helping to draw out an improved quality of answers, for a quicker and smoother process.


The applications will enable CE Change to sit down with the client and go through the questions and answers in a much more personable manner, whilst the preparations for these meetings are much more streamlined, saving Cara and her team time and effort when organising questions and investigative work. The answers can also be quickly collected and analysed through the application, saving a lot of manual data collating and analysis work.


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