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Approaching LCR4 START
Following an introduction to the LCR4 START team at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) a consultative support process centring around a combination of digital diagnostics and readiness level assessment resulted in developing a digital strategy focussing on key IoT, Cloud, System Integration technologies to help improve the visibility and credibility of Datahone to the market place.

DATAHONE took advantage of the digital strategy support to help improve the market potential of their equipment using condition-based monitoring processes, to do this LJMU provided access to specialist knowledge and tools to set up a Supervised Manufacturing demonstrator on a CNC Lathe located in the Engineering Workshop to collect and analyse data from the machinery.


Through the installation of the ‘Supervised Manufacturing’ Demonstrator data could be collected, transferred through a 4G router and displayed on a user-friendly web-based dashboard which could be accessed via mobile smartphone, iPad or laptop. Key manufacturing operation performance metrics e.g. uptime and power consumption could then be inspected. The demonstrator has proven to be extremely useful in terms of awareness and understanding of the Industry 4.0 Pillar “Internet of Things” to visiting LCR 4 START future client base – many clients want to see the technology in operation before they commit to buying.


Future Vision
The support provided by the LCR4 START programme has helped with the awareness and understanding of the Industry 4.0 Pillar “Internet of Things” via application of DATAHONE’s ‘Supervised Manufacturing’ product. DATAHONE are now keen to develop a marketing strategy based around a supply chain cluster of companies located in the LCR region through the support of the LCR4 START programme to improve productivity, sales growth and creation of jobs.

This strategy has already started to deliver results by attracting local companies who are benefiting from improved operation and reliability of manufacturing systems.


Now more than ever, manufacturers need to be at the top of their game in terms of asset utilisation and product yields. LCR4 START has the know-how to assess what process improvements and digital technologies would have the greatest positive impact on business performance. Their demonstrators allow manufacturers to view these digital technologies before commitment.

– Cliff Brereton Director DATAHONE LIMITED


Please click here for the downloadable case study.