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Murphy’s Gin is a family business producing small batch, naturally flavoured, award-winning gins, in the heart of Liverpool’s historic North docklands.

Like many Liverpool natives, ancestry links can be traced back to Ireland. William Murphy, a young mariner, left Wexford harbour for Liverpool in 1889, dreaming of a better life. Shortly after arriving in one of the greatest maritime cities on earth, he met his future wife, Bridget Murphy, also from Wexford. Settling in the Scotland Road area of Liverpool, they soon married and had seven children. Fast forward four generations later and three brothers have embarked on a different type of journey with Murphy’s Gin.

With support from the VEC technical experts, Murphy’s Gin focusses on the creation of an ‘augmented reality’ avatar of their great grandfather. Using AR technologies and placing a smart device toward the company logo positioned on the companies’ bottles, will enable a virtual character to appear, explaining the history and origin of The brand. This personal approach brings greater personality and a brand affiliation for Murphy’s Gin, which can lead to a competitive advantage.


The underlying technology is also directly useful for applications where ‘story telling’ can make artworks and spaces accessible to visitors of all ages and abilities. This enables historic stories and family backgrounds to be easily communicated and easily accessible through day-to-day technologies.

Click here for the downloadable case study.