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The Focal Studios team were keen to learn more about how they could inject gestures into their projects, making their work even more engaging for audiences. The types of gestures they were interested in implementing included hand gestures for moving and interacting with objects as part of the projection.


Focal Studios approached the VEC to learn more about available technologies that would enable them to achieve this and for their own teams to learn more about how this technology works, upskilling team members.

The VEC team built a prototype for users to make their own virtual pizza, adding ingredients to a central dough base. The users can use their hands to grab ingredients such as meats, cheese, and herbs, dropping these onto the dough base.

The VEC made further recommendations for additional off-the-shelf tools for enhancing the experience through standard web cameras and motion trackers, which would unlock other interactions, particularly around facial gestures, and movements.


The Focal Studios team can now revisit existing work for inserting these new gestures or even begin planning for new projects.

This new feature will enhance their capabilities, improving the service offered to clients whilst meeting the growing needs and demands of clients and users against the ever-growing world of technology and our engagement with such tools.

Click here for the downloadable case study.

Focal Studios are fully invested in creating memorable and tangible experiences that connect audiences to stories and discovery-based experiences through digital innovation. Being specialists in projection mapping and Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR), we are eager to find new and engaging ways for people to interact with the digital world. We believe that gesture-controlled inputs are one of the primary ways that this can be achieved, fostering active participation with digital media.

We are thrilled to develop our ideas of gesture controlled immersive media into a working demonstration, as part of LCR4.0 Holistic. We now have a bespoke solution that we can integrate and develop into our own products and showcase to our partners and clients. We have been provided with significant resources that will facilitate our vision of turning any surface into a magical storytelling device.

James Hooton, Head of Immersive Media at Focal Studios