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Approaching LCR 4.0

After completing Sensor City’s Digital Catapult IoTUK Boost programme, GeDaP were advised to get involved with LCR 4.0 to continue the development of their KeyTalk based solution, KeyTalk IoT Secured Sensors (KISS), which is intended to address the IoT market.

This aptly anticipated the Government’s ‘Secure by Design’ report, which placed the responsibility for strong security of consumer IoT products on the manufacturer, service provider, retailer and app developer, which GeDaP’s solution intends to support.

Partner Support

The LCR 4.0 team at Sensor City worked closely with GeDaP to create KISS, using microprocessors as gateways. This innovative system safeguards existing, multiple legacy sensors and can reduce companies’ installation and running costs and simplify their installations, whilst enforcing the highest standard of security.

An introduction was also made to Dynamic Devices, the Merseyside based IoT sensor specialists, who together with GeDaP established a demonstrable prototype based on an embedded system.


Thanks to the work undertaken by the LCR 4.0 team, GeDaP have now been able to bring their IoT security solution to market considerably quicker than first imagined. The additional resource and expertise at Sensor City allowed GeDaP to develop KISS whilst pursuing their other core business activities.

GeDaP can now address a wider market with KISS and as a Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud 10 Supplier, they can supply the Public Sector with secure Internet/IoT pilots and installations without the need for a tendering process.

Getting involved with LCR 4.0 and the resources it can provide has proved beneficial for the business and I would highly recommend it.

Ian Young CEO of GeDaP

Working into the Future

The support received to date from Sensor City will help to raise GeDaP’s profile further and the KISS prototype will demonstrate capturing of live data within Sensor City.

Working as a Consortium, GeDaP and Dynamic Devices now plan to further develop KISS to optimise data collection and provide big data pre-processing.