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Approaching LCR 4.0

4D Products Ltd had an idea and a concept they wanted to work towards which included a wireless sensor system being created to improve their personal exercise device. This would allow for users to easily connect the product to a smartphone or similar device, collecting real-time data from their own exercise sessions. Users can then assess the data via dashboards, recording their exercise statistics which can provide motivation and a benchmark against previous sessions. The challenge facing 4D Products was a lack of resource in the electronic and software design of wireless sensor technology.

Partner Support

4D Products worked closely with the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) who provided expertise and assistance in constructing a proof-of-concept prototype. Also based at Daresbury Sci-Tech campus, the VEC was easily accessible for meetings and collaborative work. 4D Products provided the VEC a CAD model of the prototype device and the VEC team undertook a pre-agreed package of work to develop a pre-production solution using sensors and wireless technology integrated into the current 4D design.


By working closely with 4D Products and its expertise and previous experience in the mini processor boards, the VEC has converted the sensor concept into a physical prototype within a month.

The proof-of-concept prototype consisted of a wireless sensor system and an Android Wear application. The sensor system will estimate the applied force and the number of repetitions during the exercise duration as these measurements are then synced and sent to an app, which can be shown on a smart device including a smartwatch to allow the customer to track progress.

Working in the Future

This collaborative work introduced new possible technology and devices to 4D Products including the wireless sensor system and the Android Wear application. 4D Products can showcase this developed and improved prototype to demonstrate the device’s smart features to potential investors. These smart features not only add value to the product itself but also open up the possibility to turn this particular exercise device into a physical game controller.

The VEC and 4D Products worked closely together throughout the design and development process, this allowed 4D Products to apply their new knowledge and create new products.

After the period of support from the VEC, 4D Products has completed a patent application and are looking to release this new product to market in the near future under the name ‘WAVEX microgym’.