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Embracing completely new technology often comes with the expectation that there will be a high price tag, a steep learning curve, and long payback times. But if there was an opportunity to improve competitiveness and productivity through the better use of technology and digital skills, the benefits must surely outweigh the barriers?


The debate will discuss the importance and challenges of digital transformation, planning, and digital strategy.

  • What does digital transformation mean to you?
  • How has the recent Covid-19 crisis accelerated your plans for digital adoption/transformation?
  • How should you prioritise your investment in digital?
  • Why digital transformation is everyone’s responsibility
  • What are the main blockers why do some digital transformation projects stall?


This debate will be reported on Insider’s website. It is your opportunity to provide your feedback on your digital experience and find out more about how you can gain a competitive edge through the development of practical strategies for effective digital adoption. For this event Insider has teamed up with LCR4 Start, a part European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funded initiative, which offers fully-funded business support to SMEs in the Liverpool City region to hold this virtual event.

Around the virtual discussion table will be:

  • Philippa Glover, CNC Robotics
  • Rose Kay, Immersive Storylab
  • Graeme Fugaccia, Sticx
  • Cliff Brereton, DataHONE
  • Alex Gazeryan, Tempa Pano
  • Luke Vanstone, STFC
  • Andy Levers, Virtual Engineering Centre
  • Dan Bradley, Virtual Engineering Centre
  • Anthony Walker, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Simon Reid, Growth Platform
  • Miri Thomas, Insider (chair)