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Sensor City are launching a programme of Discovery Days designed to support manufacturing and engineering companies looking to scale-up or integrate digital technologies into their products or processes.

Bringing businesses in the manufacturing industry together with experts to discuss their bespoke support requirements and challenges, our Discovery Days aim to raise awareness of the support and funding available and provide delegates with useful tips, insights, and connections to help them take the next step in their digital integration.

Attendees will hear from experts at Sensor City, the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), and Imagin3D, and will learn:

  • How to approach digital manufacturing on a shoestring budget
  • The benefits of the virtual factory
  • The types of technical support available for digital integration
  • How to accelerate the adoption of technology

Businesses will also have the opportunity to book one-one-one sessions with experts in a range of areas, including supply chain readiness, industrial IoT, marketing, access to grants and state aid support,virtualisation, and more.

The Discovery Days will take place at Sensor City, 31 Russell St, Liverpool, L3 5LJ, with the next two scheduled dates being 11th June and 8th October.

The Discovery Days programme follows Sensor City’s 2020 Guide to IoT Adoption and Space to Innovate initiative, aimed at supporting businesses with specific challenges relating to digital technology and IoT implementation.

Speaking on the launch of the Discovery Days, Dr Joanne Phoenix, Interim Executive Director at Sensor City, said, “The manufacturing industry is undergoing a significant shift as we move further into a digitally-enabled age. Manufacturing and engineering are some of the most important contributors to the UK’s economy, but in the current political climate, it’s essential that the sector stays competitive. To do this, it’s vital that the sector embraces change, and that they do it now.

Digital technology and the fourth industrial revolution are talked about a lot, but in our experience, many SMEs struggle to actually take the appropriate steps to adopt innovations and make them work for their organisation. These Discovery Days aim to help businesses that are already creating revenue but want to take the next step by investing in digitalisation, to find the right path for them.”


Sensor City’s Discovery Days are open to manufacturing and engineering companies across the UK. For more information, visit: https://www.sensorcity.co.uk/event/discovery-day-sensors-iot/


You can download the free 2020 Guide to IoT Adoption here, or enquire about out Space to Innovate initiative.