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Q-Technologies are currently developing a new sensor for the agricultural industry. Farming equipment is created using tough and durable material to withstand rough terrain and constantly varying temperatures.

Digital farming equipment needs to have the same qualities and simultaneously maintain its optimum functionality, all whilst having the best ideal design.

Q-Technologies sought to create prototypes of the early designs for the housing of their sensor. Drawing from their detailed computer-aided design (CAD), 3D printing technology would enable them to create early prototypes of their farming equipment, with a focus on testing functionality and design.



Collaborating with the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), Q-Technologies successfully obtained two versions of the housing prototype. STFC engineers assessed the CAD supplied, making recommendations for minor changes to ensure each part is more durable for end use.

The first prototype was specially designed for functional testing that would need to be durable for field trials, whilst the second prototype was designed with the end product in mind, which would support funding and design development discussions.

The prototype parts were manufactured using four different industrial 3D printing technologies, each one selected to achieve the best combination of mechanical, visual and surface properties required for each part.



The project has aided Q-Technologies to take their technology to the next TRL level. As a result, they are now seeking to realise the value of the IP generated through the recent project activity funded by INNOVATE UK and BEIS. This is with a view to raising finance based on its new technology and the prototypes they received from STFC.


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We are thankful to have the assistance from STFC for our project. Their skills and knowledge in the possibilities of advanced 3D printing have been valuable for us and have allowed us to see what is possible with the right expertise and tools. We are currently exploring further funding and we would certainly consider STFC as a future partner in this area.

Stephen Taylor, Director for Q-Technologies