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Approaching LCR 4.0

AQR was interested in investigating Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis to analyse issues concerning fluid flows. This data may then suggest to AQR where improvements to their own processes could be made. Issues faced by AQR included a lack of digital skills to undertake the CFD work.

Partner Support

The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) investigated a number of different designs which would optimise the AQR cleaning process with the objective to enhance the performance.

Using simulation, the VEC demonstrated the importance of digital skills and what potential changes to product design can be made. Testing different designs through a digital platform allowed for quick, easy and cost-effective changes to be made without the costs and resources required for a physical prototype. AQR found the work the VEC completed in just 1 hour would have normally taken between 3-4 days to achieve.


The VEC helped AQR optimise their innovative product to ensure it was the best it could be whilst also helping create and manage professional engineering documents which AQR will be able to keep and then apply to future projects.

AQR is currently conducting field trials to assess the design performance in the disinfection of rainwater and industrial wastewater, ensuring this is then made into safe re-usable water in the most cost-effective and compliant manner possible.

Once all testing has been completed, AQR will be able to confidently take their improved product design toa supplier to manufacture and then straight to the market.

Working in the Future

AQR work in a competitive field as many organisations globally will be aiming to bring better solutions to 3rd world countries and areas which suffer from droughts and ill-health as a result of drinking unsafe water.

By being able to better test and bring their product to the field in shorter time periods, they will be eliminating threats from competitors and aiming to bring a more successful product to

The effectiveness of the product has also been improved through the enhanced design. This product can also be applied to many other elements and AQR are now looking into how their process can clean milk which could replace the larger equipment the dairy industry currently uses.

We are keen to continue working with the VEC on future projects. The service he VEC provides is invaluable to us, as an early stage technology SME.

Peter, Managing Director of AQR