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Panscoe Ltd approached LCR4 START partner Growth Platform to explore opportunities for adopting digital technologies to streamline their
business processes and build on their in-house capabilities. Panscoe Ltd was keen to explore the next steps the company could take in moving the business forward and how to present their creativity in a more effective way to enhance the service they provide for their customers.



The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) collaborated closely with Panscoe Ltd to understand the company and explore a range of technologies and digital tools they believe could support Panscoe Ltd in improving their current processes.

The VEC identified rendering software that Panscoe Ltd already had access through via a paid software package. Before this, the firm had been paying an external provider to render their logos in 3D and onto textured surfaces like sports shirts.

The rendering software would enable Panscoe Ltd to use their existing graphic design skills to bring their designs and rendered images to life
and present realistic product options to their customers.

The VEC’s digital engineers helped Panscoe through knowledge transfer, creating a proof-of-concept to support the upskilling of staff to remove the need for a third-party company to minimise costs and development time.



This collaboration highlighted how off-the-shelf digital tools and software can maximise creativity, improve the quality and speed of service delivered, and enhance customer relationships through strengthened communication.

The upskilling of the Panscoe team has proven that existing skills can be built on to save time and further resources through eliminating the dependence on other companies and external services they can now issue independently in-house.

Download the full case study here.