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Approaching LCR 4.0

Building on the company’s rapid growth across the leisure, entertainment and educational markets, VR-Here wished to explore the possibilities of expanding their offering beyond leisure and into the growing corporate, digital and manufacturing sectors.

VR-Here learnt of a VR Sandpit event being hosted at the Sci- Tech Daresbury site by the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) where they could explore emerging technologies and the practicalities of using their existing hardware to host bespoke and proprietary VR models using common engines.

Partner Support

At the VR Sandpit event, the VR-Here team also explored the use of new and emerging technologies including the Microsoft Hololens and the application of programming interactivity into virtual models and environments. This offered VR-Here a wider understanding of what technology is available and helped suggest pathways for growth.

In addition to the technical input provided by the VEC visualisation team, the VEC worked with VR-Here to develop a strategic plan for marketing and communications and how VR-Here’s services could be positioned to benefit both the City Region Manufacturing and Digital & Creative communities.


The collaboration with the VEC has helped VR-Here to highlight opportunities within a largely unserviced market within the Liverpool City Region of manufacturing and creative companies who produce 3D models but may lack the hardware to develop an in-house VR capability. Working with VR-Here, the VEC has identified a commercial provider with the infrastructure and resources to provide affordable and on demand access to VR experiences for product design, testing and consumer interaction within the North Liverpool area.

Working to the Future

Following the initial collaboration with the VEC, VR-Here have continued to develop a strategic marketing plan and technology roadmap that recognises the opportunities of both the leisure and commercial markets in the Liverpool City Region. This will allow for greater strategic planning moving forward with the hope that they will be able to seamlessly move into new markets whilst adopting new and forever innovative technology. VR-Here have continued to expand their offering to include provision for VR clubs and working groups as well to improve their offering for the educational sector. The company is currently expanding nationally after recognising the opportunity to offer franchise opportunities built on the company’s unique market and equipment expertise.