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Purpledoor approached the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), through the LCR4 START project, seeking advice and support on how best to approach the integration of digital technology within the theatre’s business plan.

Of particular interest was the potential to utilise immersive reality to:

  • Add value to recordings of performances in the theatre by using 360° video cameras, allowing remote audiences as close an experience as possible to seeing the live performance.
  • Build-in additional educational or entertainment content linked to the performance. This content could be viewed by patrons using VR hardware within the theatre.
  • Support educational outreach to school pupils, who may initially be more comfortable with technology than the performing arts.


Following a consultation with the VEC’s industrial digital strategy specialists, the team worked together to address the overall application of digital technology within the business plan. Experts in advanced visual and immersive techniques from the VEC provided PurpleDoor with a bespoke guide to mixed reality technologies the context of a community theatre.

The guide included:

  • Low-cost options to pilot the use of the technology, highlighting local companies with the necessary expertise or equipment.
  • Practical considerations and potential pitfalls to be avoided when offering VR experiences to the general public.
  • Examples of what has been achieved by other theatres, and platforms offering a route to monetise immersive recordings of performances.


As a result of engaging with LCR4 START, PurpleDoor is better prepared to approach the use of immersive reality, informed as to what is currently achievable and what may be possible in the future.


For the full downloadable case study, please click here.

The work with the team at the VEC has been instrumental in helping us to solidify our vision and clarify our options for how we can implement technology from the ground up, in our new organisation. The technical support and specialist time has been great to allow us to explore new avenues and to really make sure that developments are integrated into the ethos and model of the business.

- Karl Falconer, Director, Purple Coat Ltd