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SamsonVT were keen to understand the value of immersive visualisation techniques in providing product knowledge to multi-national field operators replacing paper based instruction manuals, often not supplied in their first language.

Samson VT approached the VEC to work on a proof of concept digital training and technical communication tool that provides a single unified method to convey complex engineering information to a field-based audience of ranging abilities.


The Virtual Engineering Centre worked with SamsonVT to develop a high fidelity, animated interactive augmented reality application that can be used by field-based personnel to provide insight and support them in non-routine activities. The VEC created two interactive 3D models with animated internal moving parts from information described in existing paper based instructions and one to one expert advice, supplied by SamsonVT and their client.

The proof of concept developed by the VEC team provided multi-national field operators with the ability to easily review and understand complex instructions regardless of the working environment and reduced the need for technical translation into multiple languages.

The field operators were able to interrogate, detailed information contained on the mobile apps in a much more intuitive and meaningful way than through their traditional paper based methods.

This demonstrated that these types of technologies can provide a more accurate and informed approach to their fieldwork, with increased functionality and with the ability to share critical information easily across a digital platform.


Using a secure cloud platform, SamsonVT have explored a number of methods to ensure that their ideas and training information is secure and remains private to them and their clients. SamsonVT have been able to use this collaborative development towards their final proof of concept as part of a much wider proposal to gain further funding to help develop their platform further.

The VEC’s ability to capture and understand complex engineering mechanisms and create high fidelity, interactive 3D models was incredible. The VEC were genuinely a pleasure to work with.

Sam Burgess, Co-Founder & CEO SamsonVT

Collaborating with the VEC has helped the development of our technology in the Humanitarian sector. The fact of the matter is, digital transformation is seen only as affordable to large multinationals and very well financed start-ups. Our mission is to level the playing field and make Virtual Twin technology affordable.

Ed Brunyee, Co-Founder & CFO SamsonVT