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Founder of Buggy Assist Ltd ©, Patricia Porter, undertook work with a product design company to develop a Computer Aided Design (CAD) working towards developing a prototype for field testing and demonstration to potential customers or investors.

The company requested further advice to incorporate into its digital strategy about rapid prototyping to optimise the design for future manufacture and move them along the product design process.



Discussions with experts at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), via LCR4 START, led to an understanding of how 3D printing could add value by rapidly prototyping some aspects of the design.

Buggy Assist Ltd © gained access to advice from STFC’s additive manufacturing team who provided the start-up with an understanding of appropriate materials, and the design and manufacturing processes, in particular, mechanical strain and pivot points to ensure the manufacture of a robust and safe product. The 3D printed prototype was tested to allow for further understanding of the challenges the business might encounter in the real world.



Incorporating 3D printing into Buggy Assist Ltd © digital strategy and gained insight into 3D printing allowed for a great understanding of prototype development to incorporate safety requirements crucial for initial trials of the product. The addition of unique materials provided by STFC to aid structural integrity and to guide Buggy Assist Ltd © future material choice has provided the company with a stepping stone to move on to the next step in the product development process with the ultimate aim of manufacturing a device for consumer use. Buggy Assist Ltd © has taken this forward into future product iterations whilst being able to showcase its product to end-users.

The support I’ve received via LCR4 START has led to a solid strategic vision for Buggy Assist. The additive manufacturing expertise from STFC has been extremely valuable and brought the ‘idea to life’ – moving the concept to the next stage of development.

Patricia Porter, Buggy Assist Ltd ©

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