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Approaching LCR 4.0

A|2|O were very interested in creating a factory simulation to test their innovative ideas before building physical layouts, including a production line within a factory.

It was envisaged that using a factory simulation could help identify flaws within the current or planned layouts, as well as identify manufacturing timings and process bottlenecks, allowing for their early removal and improvement to the layout and processes used before implementation.

Partner Support

Working closely with the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), A|2|O were able to investigate manufacturing throughput, factory layout and setup for an innovative carbon fibre production line using factory simulation software (SIMIO).

The VEC worked closely with A|2|O to ensure all requirements (process times, equipment numbers and costs) were considered in the simulation. Furthermore, the factory model was exported to VR resulting in meaningful presentation material for investment/funding and commercial opportunities.


The VEC was able to build a simulation which looked toward successfully optimising the factory layout and manufacturing processes. This test data was then presented to A|2|O in a final report showcasing an initial factory setup and some fine-tuning via alternative layouts. In addition, the creation of a Virtual Reality (VR) video was provided which can be used for presentations, demonstrations and bespoke layouts in the future.

Working into the Future

A|2|O will use the simulation and VR material to showcase the process when developing commercial activities and applying for investment and funding. This will show that their extensive research and innovation activities are ready for commercial exploitation, worthy of funding and/or investing in.

A|2|O are also looking to continue their targeting of industries such as transportation, advanced materials, sensor technology and manufacturing processes in the automotive, aerospace, space, rail, and marine sectors amongst others.

A|2|O are engineering the future now by embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution and learning from the past.

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