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Approaching LCR 4.0

Ultamation are constantly looking into how they can improve their products and ways they can integrate new technologies. The concept of Augmented Reality (AR) sparked excitement in the team for some of the potential applications. They started exploring how to develop an AR based control interface which could cover numerous applications including smart homes and commercial meeting spaces.

Partner Support

The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) worked with Ultamation to create an augmented reality app which can be used to control connected devices in a smart home setting. This AR interface will allow users to interact with multiple devices in the smart home by holding up a smart phone or tablet to face home appliances or simply interesting features. The application will recognise an appliance/feature (e.g. TV, chandelier or piece of artwork) and trigger the presentation of the suitable menu for the control of that device such as power options, volume and channel control and even the brightness levels making control even easier.


The VEC has assisted Ultamation to develop a proof of concept for an AR control interface for the smart home space. Ultamation is delighted with the work completed and has gone on to seek professional advice for the potential patent application of the AR control interface.

The prototype has been handed over to the Ultamation development team. The AR control interface prototype is a new product to the company which may be developed further in the future.

Working into the Future

Ultamation have since enhanced the application with further emerging technologies in the world of artificial intelligence. Ultamation are very excited about the potential use for this AR technology, and will look at introducing it to projects where it is appropriate and to the clients’ wishes. They are also looking into other applications within the commercial sector.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with VEC to develop this app. What started as a “would it be possible to …” has turned into a piece of technology I can hold in my hand and control devices in a way previously only seen in science fiction films.

Oliver Hall, Managing Director of Ultamation

To find out more about Ultamation, please visit their website here.