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The company recently started developing a prototype for its core product that uses complex algorithms to increase debt clearance through pooled trade credit and liquidity saving mechanisms. However, due to the company’s limited resources, it was short on expertise for a new app design which needed to be supported by specific gamification techniques to incentivise certain app usage behaviours.



After the initial analysis of the app, two main objectives were set to produce a viable prototype in order to create enough traction for the company to launch. First, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) needed to be reconstructed from the ground up using layouts, templates, fonts and colours that capture the company’s branding whilst being aesthetically pleasing and easy to use by the intended client base.

Secondly, innovative gamification techniques were added to further motivate typical user behaviours including switching to local suppliers whilst avoiding system abuse. Therefore, the app was completely re-designed to accommodate for the aforementioned requirements.

A new responsive design was trialled using accessible onboarding screens, enhanced registration screens, quick navigation buttons as well as gamified progress tracking techniques.



MC’s leadership team was impressed by the new designs and immediately started recruiting personnel to integrate these features into the app – which was then successfully launched one month later, generating a huge amount of interest from potential clients within the region.


Click here for the downloadable case study.

The intervention and support received from the University of Liverpool’s Management School has had a transformative impact on the company’s current core product, an app for clearing business invoices to boost local economic resilience and capacity.

The redesign of the user interface has given the app a clean, modern feel, and inspired several enhancements to functionality. The gamification elements are comprehensive and insightful, and we expect they will have a significant effect on user engagement.

All in all, the intervention has made a very substantial contribution to the odds of success for this flagship pilot project. We are most grateful for the proactive support and would welcome any further involvement with LCR 4.0 Holistic.

Tom Woodroof (Director)