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Software problems for a planned cloud-based platform led to several delays to the launch date of the application losing revenue and damaging Huktup’s reputation.

The LCR4.0 Holistic team was approached to provide the necessary digital support to redeem the platform.



A preliminary investigation identified an inefficient development process to be the root cause of the delivery schedule failure.

In response, the LCR4.0 Holistic team implemented an agile process with weekly builds, which helped Huktup trial and test smaller increments of the app on a recurring basis and prioritise the development of the specified features while carefully managing expectations.

The University of Liverpool’s Management School team undertook a thorough use- case mapping exercise to identify typical user journeys and translate them to precise UI/UX design recommendations. A more rigid change request process was then suggested to handle the design recommendations and weekly testing outcomes, which was managed through the use of Trello software.


To have a professional expert to help guide me through the development has been nothing short of priceless to me and behalf of all of us I cannot thank the LCR4.0 Holistic team enough for their intervention here.

- Thomas Ryan (CEO)


An initial build of the app and the web portals was finally delivered after numerous delays prior to the intervention. The UI/UX was completely updated with new design recommendations, revitalising the app through a sleek and relevant layout that adhered to usability best practices while being relevant to its core features.


Click here to download the full case study. 

As part of capacity building support for Huktup the LCR4.0 Holistic team has provided useful guidance with regards to both technical and business model direction.

Of specific note is the detailed focus provided in the review of the software development process, identifying key pain points both from a GUI and operational perspective.

The data provided was useful to Huktup as it relates to quality assuring major defects in the proposed application, identification of lifecycle deliverables which missed targets and the general efficacy of its applicability to the market. Without these insights further progress on the application requisite for market launch would experience even further delays than presently experienced.

- Ronald Dyer, Consultant at Huktup