Industry 4.0

The increasing convergence of digital, physical and biological assets – known globally as Industry 4.0 or ‘the fourth industrial revolution’ – is creating unprecedented opportunities for UK manufacturing businesses and supply chains to optimise productivity and competitiveness.

Industry 4.0 technologies such as sensors, the Industrial Internet of Things, virtual reality and simulation, are transforming modern manufacturing by enabling the generation and analysis of digital data that supports the development of smarter products, smarter processes and smarter supply chains.

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Key business benefits of Industry 4.0:

With so much potential on offer, knowing where to focus effort and resource can be challenging – particularly for SMEs.

  • Mass-customisation of products to suit customer demands
  • Real-time data on processes and equipment.
  • More efficient maintenance
  • Accelerated development of better products.
  • Greater resource efficiency
  • Reduced overheads
  • Opportunities to access new markets and supply chains

Unleashing the potential of Industry 4.0

The LCR 4.0 business support programme is designed to help SMEs in the Liverpool City Region explore the potential of Industry 4.0 by providing support ranging from research and development, knowledge transfer and the acceleration of ideas from concept through to commercialisation.

See how LCR 4.0 can support your business:

Elements of Industry 4.0


Internet of things

IoT is the ever-growing infrastructure of internet-connected devices which can transfer data and commands between points.


Additive Manufacturing

Advances in 3D printing and other enabling technologies mean that product components can be made lighter and for less cost.


Systems Integration

A business can have many different pieces of hardware of software which need to be utilised in unison so that maximum value can be derived.


Big Data

Businesses can create huge volumes of data without realising it and this data can be a source of untapped value for business improvement and growth.


Augmented Reality

Virtually augmenting what we can see with our own eyes with data and hidden systems can be immensely powerful when it comes to process and product improvement.


Cyber Security

Connected systems require optimised and current security so that your assets and information are safe from intrusion.



It can often be more cost-effective to trial something in the virtual world than to make a physical prototype for each variable being tested.


Autonomous Systems

Robotics and artificial intelligence have evolved to a point where systems can operate to high standards on various tasks without constant human intervention.


Cloud Computing

IT services are increasingly being provided by the ‘cloud’ to generate cost and space savings as well as to offer innovative use models.