11th October 2018
Tokenisation & Blockchain | Experiences launching a cryptocurrency

Discuss the experiences of SMEs working with blockchain at this evening meet-up.

When: 11th October 2018

Date: 17:30 – 19:30

Where: The Shed @ Baltic Creative, Liverpool, L1 0AH​

Price: Free​

Best for: Anyone working in or with a professional interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Prerequisites: None.


The STFC Hartree Centre are hosting this blockchain themed meet-up to provide a chance for people in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space – or people just interested in knowing more about it – to listen to and discuss the experiences of organisations working in the field. FilesFM are on the verge of launching a currency for File Storage, Blockpool have an established cyptocurrency in the music industry and the STFC Hartree Centre offers support to organisations wanting to explore and integrate blockchain into their business.

All welcome.
  • Aivars Līpenītis | Files.fm
  • Ken Foster | Blockpool
  • Tom Kirkham | STFC Hartree Centre
  • Tom Collingwood | STFC Hartree Centre​

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