22nd June 2017

Date: Thursday 22 June 2017

Location: Merseyside Maritime Museum, Albert Dock, Liverpool

Two LCR 4.0 partners are speaking at this Insider event, showcasing their expertise and promoting how the LCR 4.0 project can benefit SMEs based within the Liverpool City Region. Dr Andy Levers, Technical Head of LCR 4.0 (Virtual Engineering Centre) will be part of the Virtual Reality and Holograms session while Professor Joe Spencer (Sensor City) will be delving into the Digital & Advanced Manufacturing session later in the day.


Virtual Reality & Holograms session
10:50am – 12:20pm

Insider’s panel of experts will illuminate how the latest technology is expanding the manufacturing sectors benefiting from VR applications. Plus, a new generation of Hologram technology is available and the panel will explore the latest developments and how they offer manufacturers new and exciting applications for this technology across a wider range of sectors…

In Liverpool, the VEC is the UK’s leading centre of Virtual Engineering technology integration for industrial and commercial applications working across multiple industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, energy, oil and gas.


  • Sarah Black-Smith, head of factory operations, Siemens DF
  • Dr Andrew Levers, technical director, Virtual Engineering Centre
  • Rob Forrest, Visualisation lead, product & process development centre Samlesbury, BAE Systems
  • Paul Hector, Product Development and solutions, Ricoh Europe PLC


Digital & Advanced Manufacturing
3:10pm – 4:40pm

To stay ahead of the curve, manufacturers must embrace Industry 4:0 and the Internet of Things – and the one crucial element is big data.

The Internet of Things (IoT) can connect devices, objects and people across a network. But without software these objects – from buses to buildings – cannot communicate with each other and exchange information.

This session will explore two major opportunities for manufacturers to make the most of the big data revolution. Sensors have applications across numerous sectors, from wearable sensors in healthcare to decontamination processes on civil nuclear sites.

We will also look at satellite technology and hear from the SMEs pushing the boundaries. We will explore the types of data that can be collected by satellites and how it can be harnessed by a variety of sectors including agriculture, mining and software and IT services.


  • Vincent Fraux , Co-founder of Oxford Space Systems
  • Professor Joe Spencer, Sensor City
  • Ian Jones, CEO at Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd (GES LTD)
  • Jim Humphries, Technical Director, FMI


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