14th March 2018
Blockchain | Changing industries

Discover the potential of blockchain for your industry and develop a prototype application at this hands-on workshop.

​When:  14 – 15 March 2018

Where: STFC Hartree Centre, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Cheshire, UK

Price: Free*

Best for: Businesses, developers and entrepreneurs who want to unlock the potential of blockchain technology in their industry and learn to code and develop their own blockchain applications.

Prerequisites: ​N/A


Summary:​ Heard about blockchain but not sure what it means for your business or your industry sector as a whole? In this two-day hands-on workshop we will first explore its capabilities and disruptive potential, followed by the opportunity to code and develop a prototype blockchain application.


Blockchain is in its infancy and commonly associated with disruption in the financial technology or fintech domain. As a technology has the potential to not only disrupt current technologies but provide the foundation for a new social and economic infrastructure.


The Hartree Centre is focused on delivering this compelling technology to the broader business ecosystem in the North West and wider UK economy. In this session you can learn about the fundamentals of blockchain technology and its uses and potential within different industries.


On the second day, the session will be followed by a hands-on coding workshop in the development of a blockchain prototype application.​


​To register please email: tom.kirkham@stfc.ac.uk​

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