Solving Industrial challenges from within LCR

The student talent solution to new industrial challenges          

Liverpool John Moores University recently welcomed over 40 businesses to the ‘Solving Industrial challenges’ event this month. Local businesses across Merseyside and students who were looking to enhance their learning experience by engaging with industry solving industrial problems attended the event

SME feedback received from the LJMU LCR 4.0 is that of concern over their workforces not having the necessary skills to adopt the new technologies of the future. There are even some fears that robots will take our jobs.  The team are constantly hearing there are a lack of skilled employees, not only in Liverpool City Region, but across the UK.

  • What can modern businesses do about it?
  • How can you ensure the next generation of potential employees has the guaranteed skills to fit within your organisation?
  • How can you maintain and improve the skill levels of your current workforce to remain competitive?
  • Is it possible to shape the way existing and new employees are trained to allow them to add significant value to your business?

The answer is…yes!

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Ahmed Al-Shamma’ welcomed guests and highlighted the key areas of ‘Faculty of Engineering’ and how they are actively working with industry on a number of projects.

Dr. David Evans –Research Engineer for LCR 4.0 spoke about the industrial challenges of Industry 4.0 and the support package available for industry accessing LCR 4.0.  He highlighted openings to adopt new technologies and showed footage of how LCR 4.0 can support industry.

Dr Bill Atherton, Programme Manager, Civil Engineering, introduced how businesses can access and utilise student talent across Merseyside. From short-term placements to year long opportunities, maximising student talent can give your business that competitive edge.

Les Bellmon from 2030 Ventures Ltd spoke about the invaluable resource from two student placements. He described how this resource has developed their business to the next level, commenting how they have created themselves an opportunity within 2030 Ventures Ltd.

Joe Whittingham a LJMU Student, spoke about his experiences during his placement for Blockwalls Ltd based in Bomborough. Joe undertook a one-month internship where he worked on creating technical drawings and 3D models for a new type of block that is going to be produced. Joe has now secured a position with Blockwalls Ltd and will be involved in bringing this new product to market.

LJMU has been listening to the needs of industry, and is transforming the way prospective and existing employees are educated, ensuring graduates are prepared for the workplace, whilst enhancing the knowledge of current work-based employees. For more information contact our team at John Moores University LCR 4.0, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Byrom Street, Liverpool, L 3 3AF. Tel: 0151 231 2283