Meet the team: Elizabeth Beattie

Company and role:

Marketing Manager for LCR 4.0 at Sensor City


What is your connection to LCR 4.0?

Sensor City is one of the LCR 4.0 delivery partners. Along with my four colleagues, I am part of the dedicated LCR 4.0 team based at Sensor City.


How would your work colleagues describe you?

Friendly, hardworking and professional.


What has been your proudest achievement during your time on the project?
I recently organised an LCR 4.0 Industry & Student matching event at Sensor City, which aimed to provide an environment in which companies and students could network and discuss placements. Over 60 SMEs, organisations, students and university academics attended and explored the talent, technical and funding opportunities available within the Liverpool City Region. It was rewarding to see several ongoing connections were made and technical placements being taken forwards.


What advice would you give to start-ups/SMEs in the Liverpool City Region?
I recently read that only 54% of start-ups survive the first three years. Engaging with projects like LCR 4.0 can be a life-line for new companies and can help SMEs to develop new products. Because LCR 4.0 is ERDF funded, it means that the assistance provided is free for the recipient. Getting involved with LCR 4.0 helps companies to increase productivity and de-risk innovation, so I’d definitely encourage anyone not already involved with LCR 4.0 to do so.


What’s been the most important innovation you’ve witnessed in your lifetime?
The overall increase in digitalisation has been amazing, from the growth of the internet, to mobile phones, social media and more recently wearable technology. Living in such a connected work opens up access to global communication and real time interaction, which is hard to imagine living without now. I’m excited to see what will be next!


What do you think the ‘next big thing’ in the Liverpool City Region is?

As part of the government’s 5G strategy for the UK, Liverpool 5G Consortium has been awarded a £3.5m grant to investigate the opportunities of 5G community Wi-Fi in health and social care. This project will see high value technologies including low-cost open source 5G networks, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the Internet of Things deployed across deprived communities in the Liverpool City Region test bed, which will bring huge social and economic benefits for the most vulnerable in society and improve lives in the Liverpool City Region.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us:
I am a member of BOST Musicals and sing in musical theatre shows and concerts across the North West. Recent venues have included the Liverpool Empire Theatre, Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton.