Hartree and SIGFOX Workshop

Last week the Hartree Centre hosted a 2-day workshop for local SMEs who were interested in developing apps for their business using SIGFOX . The workshop managed to engage with 14 SMEs and around 30-40 people joined us over the two days, all whilst we were supported by SIGFOX representatives and also WND who are the UK SIGFOX supplier.

The event was designed to introduce SMEs to a new and emerging technology in the form of LPWAN and specifically the SIGFOX implementation. It is designed to enable low power transmission of data over a network.

Traditionally devices that send data over wireless require a power connection as the battery use of WLAN and 4G etc can drain a battery quite quick. We have developed prototypes for partners in LCR 4.0 using SIGFOX that can run of a battery for over a year with no need to charge the battery and they send data such as the GPS location of an object.

For the first morning of the event, presentations were given on both the technical and business aspects of the technology. The attendees all used boards provided by LCR 4.0 and IoT Boost to run demo programmes to help understand how the technology can be utilised.

The second day moved into the development phase into specific functions that the participants were interested in developing, Andy Hill from STFC gave an overview on the process of moving a prototype to a product. The event ended with excellent feedback and several companies looking to continue the work with both LCR 4.0 support from STFC.

If you are interested in finding out how you can access this free support or even attend future events, please sign up to LCR 4.0 here.