GameJAm 2017

Showcasing computing and gaming technology and the potential impact on industry

An exciting event was carried out by the dedicated Computing and Gaming department at LJMU based in Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) with support from the LCR4.0 team at LJMU. The event was held on 5th April 2017, at MTC@LJMU with a fantastic turn out. There was a lot of networking opportunities and industry engagement showcasing the use of gaming technologies and how it could potentially impact on industry.

The purpose of this event was to launch LJMU Game Showcase 2017 to the industry and the academic society. This consisted of LJMU students and staff, whom showcased gaming abilities and gave attendees an opportunity to have first-hand experience of the technology, answering any relevant questions regarding development of their novel software.

Additionally, multiple individuals from local game development SME’s were also present, helping to bridge the gap of digital and creative technologies meeting manufacturing.

James Henry, a current PhD student at LJMU commented: “The event was a great success and a lot of fun. It provided a unique opportunity to cross network the interest of SME’s, with current research from LJMU students and college students. It also was an opportunity for students to showcase their talent within computer science department, inspiring them to innovative thinking, and demonstrate the efforts we are currently undertaking to create a framework to combine serious games and the internet of things.”

The future impact from this event will be to showcase ongoing research in this field to variable industries, to support Level 5 students to secure a place for placements and to possibly support Level 6 students obtaining a graduate position.  This would cement LJMU as the landmark in Games Development in this Liverpool city region and with support of LCR4.0, Liverpool City Region will have another world class facility in digital technology.