Britonwood has been involved in packaging for over 30 years and is developing a unique manufacturing technique that will revolutionise the way protective envelopes are made today. The dominant protective envelopes globally are the paper/plastic bubble lined envelopes.

The core of business is manufacturing paper sacks and the nature of the industry is to run at high speed. The nature of padded envelope manufacture is to run relatively slowly because they need to stop momentarily to heat seal the edges of the package and replace the bulky bubble rolls.

Britonwood have combined their knowledge and experience of folding, cutting and gluing paper to create an environmentally friendly version of a padded envelope to challenge the main stream market leader.


To aid Britonwood in growing and developing their business, Liverpool John Moores University brought their expertise and knowledge through the following fields:

  • Grant writing and support for TSB SMART application
  • Shaping of ideas to meet specific call opportunities
  • Specific critique of proposal in progress
  • Investigation of new funding opportunities to meet company requirements
  • Strategic links and network assistance with key stakeholders
  • Financial assistance with grant and submission strategies
  • Advice on the sensors for the quality control and assessment of the new product.


Britonwood has recently secured funding from Technology Inspired Innovation (£33,000) to undertake a feasibility study around environmentally friendly packaging. Britonwood investigated the use of sensors for the quality control and assessment of their new product in real-time, and streamlined their production process to improve the manufacturing of their new product. Britonwood see great value in forging a strong relationship with LJMU for both technical support on projects and funding/research strategy support, and would not be in a position to grow without key support from LJMU.